CBD For Sport Recovery (Quick Guide 2023)

CBD For Sport Recovery (Quick Guide 2023)

Can you use CBD for sport recovery?

There has been much speculation about whether this cannabis-derived compound has a place in the world of sport. CBD certainly has some rather exciting therapeutic properties but do these have the potential to benefit athletes? This is the question on everyone’s lips.

In this article, we are going to be exploring the relationship between CBD and sport. If this compound does have the potential to provide targeted therapeutic benefits to professional and amateur athletes, it could be a complete game-changer in the sporting world. Although, some have questioned whether CBD products could give athletes an unfair advantage.

We will be answering the following questions about CBD for sport in this article:

  • Does CBD help with workout recovery?
  • Does CBD help with sports?
  • Is CBD banned in sports?
  • How much CBD do athletes take?
  • Does CBD boost energy?

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We are poised and ready to answer all of your questions about CBD. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of information circulating around the internet about CBD.

It’s enough to make anyone feel a little intimidated by the topic. When you break it down, the science behind CBD is actually rather simple. You don’t need to know loads about CBD to start using this compound as part of your daily wellness routine. Understanding the basics will help you to successfully navigate the CBD marketplace and pick the best products for you.

Does CBD help with workout recovery?

You could consider using particular types of CBD products, such as CBD balms and creams. These can be directly applied to particular areas of the body, such as ankles or elbows, for targeted relief. Products like CBD oil and CBD gummies are less suitable for targeted therapeutic relief because of how they are consumed. These products are known for offering a general sense of therapeutic relief and wellbeing, rather than focusing on specific areas of the body.

Does CBD help with sports?

As we mentioned, CBD for sport has been found to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This could improve recovery times and get people back onto courts and pitches faster. After all, who wants to spend their time sitting at the side-lines? The less time an athlete spends away from competing, the more fulfilled they will be.

With this in mind, CBD products could play a role in an athlete’s recovery strategy. You should not rely on a single food supplement to address an ailment or issue. It’s much better to take a more comprehensive approach, experimenting with a range of anti-inflammatory supplements and participating in physiotherapy on your road to recovery.

There’s no guarantee that CBD will have an impact on any sports injury. CBD does different things for different people. This is why the compound has garnered so much intrigue. The potential effects of CBD are wide-ranging and you can’t predict how the compound will interact with your endocannabinoid system, made up of receptors located throughout the body.

In the first few days of taking a CBD product, it’s unlikely you will experience particularly profound therapeutic effects. The first few days are all about letting the compound build up in your system. The more CBD you have in the body, the greater influence it will be able to have on your endocannabinoid system.

This doesn’t mean you need to take excessive doses of CBD! The best thing you can do is stick to the dosage guidelines on the product packaging and be patient. For injury-stricken athletes, there’s nothing more frustrating than waiting around for your body to heal - but patience is necessary. Being proactive and taking food supplements could accelerate the speed of recovery - but this cannot be guaranteed.

Is CBD banned in sports?

This is where things get interesting. When it comes to using CBD for sport, things are going in the right direction. The World Anti-Doping Agency recently removed CBD from its long list of prohibited substances. In a statement, the WADA said: “All natural and synthetic cannabinoids are prohibited except cannabidiol”. This is a positive change that was welcomed with open arms by the sporting world.

How much CBD do athletes take?

The amount of CBD an athlete can take depends on the dosage guidelines on the product packaging. Many consumers forget CBD can come in many different strengths. If the product guidelines encourage you to take a very dosage of the compound, this is usually because the product includes a high percentage of CBD. It’s important not to mix and match dosage guidelines.

Before you start taking CBD products, it’s worth checking the rules regarding the use of CBD products in your sport of choice. There’s unlikely to be any rules prohibiting the consumption of CBD products but it’s better to be safe than sorry. The last thing you want to be accused of is doping. If the rules and regulations in your sport are ambiguous, be sure to ask an official.

Does CBD boost energy?

If you’re looking for slow-releasing energy during a sporting event, CBD could be your food supplement of choice. Based on anecdotal evidence, many athletes using CBD have claimed to experience slow-releasing energy during sporting events. For a professional athlete, this is a dream come true. There’s nothing worse than feeling fatigued halfway through an event.

CBD products could help you to keep those feelings of fatigue at bay. Some athletes using CBD have experienced a sense of groundedness after taking the compound. When the pressure is mounting, you are going to need to keep a level head. CBD could potentially support you in staying calm and balanced as the competition intensifies.

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