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Muscle and Joint | Pain Relief & Cooling Cream

Muscle and Joint | Pain Relief & Cooling Cream

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Our CBD-infused Muscle and Joint Cooling Cream, meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled relief from discomfort and inflammation in muscles and joints. Our formula boasts a harmonious blend of natural components, including menthol and CBD, working synergistically to alleviate muscle soreness and quell inflammation.

The remarkable menthol infusion in our cream lends a cooling touch that not only soothes but also numbs when applied directly to the skin, providing effective pain relief. This cooling sensation proves exceptionally beneficial for individuals contending with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, as well as those seeking respite from exercise-induced muscle soreness. Meanwhile, CBD, renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, contributes to the reduction of swelling and pain. Its historical use in treating a myriad of musculoskeletal ailments underscores its efficacy in promoting healing.

Our cream's application is effortless—simply massage it into the affected muscles and joints as often as needed throughout the day. It boasts a quick-drying formula that leaves no unsightly stains or greasy residues, rendering it a compelling and all-natural alternative to traditional over-the-counter pain relievers.

Endorsed by top athletes worldwide, including the esteemed MMA coach Owen Roddy, who has worked closely with luminaries in the sport like Conor McGregor, our cream enjoys the stamp of approval from those who demand peak performance. Owen Roddy, a staunch advocate for CBD's pain-relieving and recovery potential, attests to its effectiveness with his athletes, earning our cream the moniker "surgery in a bottle" within the MMA community due to its exceptional ability to alleviate pain and inflammation.

If you seek a natural, efficacious solution to muscle and joint pain, our CBD-infused Muscle and Joint Cooling Cream stands as the ultimate choice for athletes and individuals alike.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Stuff

I’ve used plenty of muscular runs/creams but this is next level to alleviate any pain. The fragrance of it is very pleasing and not overwhelming. I use it for fibromyalgia and arthritis pain and can honestly say I’d never use anything else. I can’t recommend this enough it’s awesome stuff.


This product is amazing for sciatica and any muscular pain. I suffer from sciatica and also work at a desk daily and this cream is an absolute godsend. Almost instant relief and lasts all day. Can’t recommend this enough!